Easy Strawberry Recipes : Tarts, Shortcake, Jams, Shakes

 strawberry recipesYou are probably looking for strawberry recipes or any recipes with strawberries if you grown your own. I know that whenever I have my strawberry patch in full swing, one needs a wider variety of things to do with the excess berries other than making strawberry jam or strawberry shortcake.

They are at their best from May to September if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. Often those that have been bought from the store are flavorless as they have been in cold storage for weeks on end and traveled half way around the world to get to you.

If you knew how easy it was to grow your own strawberries you would start a patch as soon as you could. They multiple quickly through runners and so you only need to plant a few plants and the following year you will get far more.

After the 3rd year you will have to replace the parent plants as they won't give you as many strawberries as the previous year.

          Strawberry Recipes

Strawberries are also good for your health, as they are full of vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants. However, strawberries are also one of the most heavily treated fruits by farmers in using chemical sprays. So if you love strawberries, like I do, do make sure that you either buy them from an organic berry farmer, or you plant your own, so that you know that they are safe to eat and chemical-free.
So, for those of you who are looking to find recipes for strawberries, we have a number of easy strawberry recipes here that will help you in this department. These recipes are for using fresh strawberries, and it is not advisable to use frozen or canned strawberries instead, as the taste and final product will not be the same.

When using your berries, always make sure that they have been hulled, and rinsed of all dirt, and make sure that they are free of any blemishes.