Wooden Pull Along Toy - Dippy Duck

The pull along toy Dippy Duck is larger than the regular cut-out figure and has added action by the placing of the inner piece off center on the larger wheel, thus causing the duck to move up and down as the toy is pulled along on the floor. As shown in the drawing, the base is made of four separate pieces, because it is easier to construct it this way than to cut out the slot from a solid piece.

The wood used is 7/8" pine, the two long pieces being 1 1/2 " wide by 15" long and the two end pieces l 1/4" wide by 2 1/2" long. These are glued and chamfered. A small chamfer is planed around the top edge, as shown.

The small base piece on which the duck rests is made 7/8"x l"x 7 1/2". A hole is bored 2" from one end with a 1/2" bit and the slot is sawed out. The opposite end is rounded.
A hole is bored in the end where the slot is cut 3/8" from the end, of a size that will take a nail tightly. The nail is cut one inch long and serves as an axle for the large wheel.

 A similar hole is bored, 3/8" from the other end, with a larger drill so that the nail used at this point will be smaller than the hole, allowing the base piece to move easily upon it.

The large wheel is made by cutting a piece from a curtain rod 2 1/4" in diameter or by turning down a piece to this diameter on the lathe. This wheel is cut 3/8" thick. The four main wheels are l 3/4" in diameter and 3/8" thick. These wheels have a small hole bored exactly in their center, of a size large enough to allow a shingle, or a screw, nail to turn easily within.

The wheels are attached two inches from the ends and the nails are driven in straight so as to insure the wheels turning evenly. A screw eye is placed at the front end, as
shown, to which is attached a string to pull it by.

All parts of the  pull along toy Dippy Duck should be nicely sanded before assembling and then given two coats of paint. A suggested color scheme is given on the drawing. Please use lead-free paint for all children's toys.

Plan of the pull along toy Dippy Duck

wooden pull toy dippy duck

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