Best Muffin Recipes for Homemade Sweet, Savory and Healthy Muffins

We have a number of muffin recipes for every occasion - for those of you who live sweet muffins, and those who like savory muffins. However, when making muffins there are a couple of things you need to be aware of so that you have a successful baking experience.

Muffin Recipes and Flour to Liquid Ratio

The proportion of flour in muffins is usually 2 cups to 1 cup of liquid. For this reason, the extent of mixing has more effect on the structure of the batter and the finished muffins than in thin batters. The gluten with this proportion of liquid is more sticky and glue-like than in the thinner batters. Melted fat or an oil is distributed in an uncooked muffin batter in the same manner as in griddle cakes.

easy muffin recipes

Easy Muffin Recipes

Muffin Recipes and Over Mixing

When making muffins, never over-mix them. With just enough mixing to barely blend the ingredients, 10 strokes or less, the batter breaks and separates easily when lifted with the spoon, is lumpy and not smooth in appearance. 

The top of the baked muffin is rough, though it browns well and is a little shiny and has a glaze. The volume of the muffins is good, its cells rather large and uniform in size, and its cell walls of medium thickness. The muffin is tender. 

This amount of mixing, no more than about 8-10 strokes, which can be partially determined by the appearance of the muffin batter, is the right amount of mixing. It is the amount that is required to just blend the dry flour with the liquid ingredients.


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