How to Make a Martini with Gin or Vodka and Vermouth

Learn how to make a martini with gin and vermouth for your next party with our martini recipes; classic, burnt or dirty martini. Well, no two people will agree on how much gin to vermouth one should use for a dry martini, or whether to shake the cocktail or stir it. Of course, if you are James Bond then it is shaken, not stirred and made with vodka not gin!

For many the standard ratio of gin to vermouth is 5:1, however, there are those who say that a 50:50 ratio is better. The dryness of the martini depends on how little dry vermouth is used in the martini recipe. The less vermouth the drier the martini.

For those of you who like more vermouth in your martinis then you should ask for a 'wet martini' which is more a 50:50 ratio or even 2 parts gin, 1 part vermouth.

The saying goes in America that if you are ever lost in the desert just make up a martini and you will have 10 people appear from nowhere all telling you how to make a martini a better way!

As a result I will give you several martini recipes for you to try and you can then decide which one you prefer. The first martini recipe is for the dry martini. However, even this title is hotly debated, as some feel that a dry martini was created not based on the ratio of gin to vermouth, but was a shift away from using a sweet vermouth to using a dry vermouth.

how to make a martini 
How to make the perfect martini

So How do you Make a Perfect Martini?

  • First of all you need to make sure that you have the best of ingredients that will bring out the taste you desire.
  • Getting the balance right in creating that perfect martini is the secret.
  • Make the martini to your taste - no one else. There are so many variations that once you have the taste you like, then you have the perfect martini!

Dry Martini Recipe

4 green olives
8 fl oz (225ml) dry gin
4 fl oz (115 ml) dry vermouth
ice cubes
strips of lemon for garnish

Place ice cubes, dry gin and vermouth in a cocktail shaker and shake gently a few times. Strain off and place in 4 glasses. Garnish with an olive each on a cocktail stick and a twist of a lemon peel by placing the cocktail stick into the glass.

For those of you who do not like your martinis shaken here's the same recipe, but stirred.

Take the dry gin and vermouth and place in a bowl with a handful of ice cubes. Stir together with a spoon and strain into 4 glasses.  Garnish with the olives and lemon peel.

Here is another martini recipe using gin that serves 1. Stir ice, 2.5 fl oz (75ml) gin and 0.5 fl oz. (15ml) vermouth in a mixing glass. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with an olive.

Variations on How to Make a Martini

There is a martini called a 'dirty martini' which you either love or hate. It is made up of 2 fl oz of gin or vodka, 1 oz olive juice, 3 green olives on a cocktail stick.

There is also a version of the martini called a 'burnt martini' that uses scotch instead of vermouth and can vary in taste according to how much scotch is added and the quality of the scotch itself.

I leave you with a little ditty from Dorothy Parker, a woman well-known for her witty comments:

"I like to have a martini
Two at the very most.
After three I'm under the table,
After four, I'm under my host."

~ Dorothy Parker

Video on How to Make a Martini

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