Ideas for Homemade Costumes for Costume Parties for Kids and Adults

Clever homemade costumes for fancy dress parties are always the talk of the moment. Find ideas here for your next costume party for children as well as adults.

I remember having a costume party in the middle of the Papuan jungle one New Year's eve. No one had a lot of stuff with them, and when you only have 1 bank, 1 bakery, 3 shops and no hairdresser in town, you get the idea that you couldn't just rush off to the nearest costume hire store, or to your nearest tailor to rustle up some fantastic creation.

Instead we were resorted to making do with what we had; some wigs packed into a suitcase from our last holidays abroad, or an article of clothing collected along the way that may be useful for such an occasion.

However, in the main, our homemade creations relied on sheer ingenuity and creative thinking.

One such example comes to mind of just how a simple a homemade costume idea that didn't cost a lot of money became to talk of the fancy dress party.  

My husband's colleague arrived as a fridge. He had cut a hole into the top and bottom of a large cardboard box so that he could step inside it and pull it up around his waist. It was then painted white, with a paper mache handle placed on the outside and a door cut into the outer face so that it could be opened up.  On wearing it, he then secured it so that it didn't fall down and arrived with his fridge fully stocked with beers for the night! All he had to do was to open up his fridge and help himself!

Ideas for homemade costumes like these are simple, cheap, easy to put together, but effective.

We hope you like our free fancy dress ideas here. We have tried to give you something for everyone, covering a wide range of eras, from costumes based on fairy tales for the kids, to ancient weaponry and amour for the men and everything in between.

Have fun making these for your next costume party!

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