Homemade Bird Feeder with Free Bird Feeder Plans to Attract Birds to your Garden

The following homemade bird feeder plans will allow you to attract birds to your garden during the winter when food is scarce and if you don't feed them many will die.

If you wish to attract birds about the house during the winter, do not wait until the ground is covered with snow, but begin in the fall and scatter hayseed from the barn
or stable floor, onto the bare ground about the yard. Millet or any bird seed will do as well. This should be your first step before you start putting up your bird feeders.

Hang some pieces of suet or beef-trimmings on the branches of the trees beyond the reach of cats and dogs. If at first these pieces are widely scattered at points radiating from the house as a center, you will be more successful.

Your food lures will keep best at this season if tied on the shade side of a tree trunk; but later in the winter they should be put on the sunny side. They should be well tied to the tree branches with twine, or covered with wire netting, so that neither jays or crows can carry them off whole. They are now ready to attract and hold birds that might otherwise pass on to the south.

Sometimes the birds don't find the food at once, but usually they will find it sooner or later. When the chickadees have discovered it then you are ready for the next move. Fresh meat or suet is now put up on the trees nearest the house, to get the birds used to coming there.

Many types of homemade bird feeder plans use plain wooden shelving or more artistic food shelters made from natural limbs and bark. Some bird feeders can be placed on movable pivots on poles with extended vanes in front so that the wind will always cause them to be in a sheltered position. This type of feeding shelf, Fig. 4, and others are shown on Plate 20.

The window shelf shown on Plate 20, Fig. 1, is convenient and can be easily watched and looked after. Fig. 2 shows a feeding stick. Melted suet is poured into the holes and allowed to cool and the birds eat it from the outside.

The coconut larder is an inexpensive homemade bird feeder idea and easily set up. One end of a coconut is broken in as shown and the birds have access to the meat. Fig. 4 is one type of rustic feeder which is popular.

The following birds have been attracted about local feeders: Chickadees, Fig. 3, nuthatches, woodpeckers, juncos, and even the wary jay, Fig. 13. Figure 14 shows a simple form of feeding shelf with sides of glass. A hairy woodpecker can be seen just below the upper box.

Corn, suet, scraps of meat, crumbs from the table, pieces of dough nut, nuts, sunflower
seed, frozen milk and many other food materials can be used, if one wishes to experiment.

These methods of attracting birds to your garden will give you lots of joy, and in some cases your efforts will be rewarded by having some little feathered ball jump fearlessly onto your fingers for a choice tidbit.

Once you set up a homemade bird feeder in your garden the birds will stay throughout the year and a vast amount of good may be accomplished in this manner, adding greatly to the comfort and happiness of our wild bird friends.

 Free Bird Feeder Plans

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