Homemade Halloween Recipes and Ideas for Treats and Snacks 

We have a number of Halloween recipes including a section on healthy Halloween snacks for a healthier option to all the sugar that kids eat during this holiday.

Halloween is looked forward to by all kids going door-to-door hoping to get a treat. However, sometimes the amount of sugar that kids consume after their night of scavenging can be quite staggering. And although you can be very creative during this holiday season, it is better to offer as many healthy alternatives as possible without spoiling their fun.

Excessive sugar consumption has been linked with hyperactivity and allergic reactions in children and cited as a contributing factor in obesity and adult-onset diabetes. This is why we have included quite a number of pumpkin recipes and popcorn recipes in the list below as healthy alternatives.

However, this doesn't mean that your food and drink has to be boring! It doesn't! A Halloween party is not a party without a punch. Make a Blood Bath punch by mixing 64 ounces of cranberry juice with 4 cups of apple juice and 4 cups of vanilla ice cream.

Or perhaps you want to make a Toxic Punch. Take 4 liters of green lemon-lime soda, 24 ounces of orange juice concentrate, 2 packets of blue kool aid made up.

Quickly knock up some meringue mixture and make miniature bones out of the mixture and cook in a cool oven until dry.

We also have pictures of some ideas for Halloween treats below.

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An Easy Way to Cook Pumpkin for your Halloween Treats

For those of you who are looking for the easiest way to cook fresh pumpkin for those quick and easy Halloween treats then the way to do it is to halve it, scoop out all the seeds and stringy pulp and bake it in the oven at 325 F for 1 hour, or until tender. If you want to microwave your pumpkin, microwave in a covered dish on high at 100% for 6-8 minutes per pound, or 12-16 minutes for 2-3 pound of pumpkin. Let it stand for 5 minutes. Discard peel. Mash or press through a sieve or food mill.

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Ideas for Halloween - Spider Web Muffins

halloween snacks eyeball eggs

Ideas for Halloween - Egg Eyeballs

These are easy to make. Hard boil eggs, shell and halve them. Mash with a little mayonnaise and put back into the halves. Top with a slice of stuffed olive and make the veins of the eyes with food colorant.

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Ideas for Halloween - Halloween Candy

We also have pages on easy Halloween decorations and homemade costumes ideas.

Halloween Recipes for Halloween Treats