Free Woodworking Plans for Homemade Woodworking Projects

Free woodworking plans for free house plans, mission furniture, wooden toys, birdhouse plans, chicken coops, boats, smoker plans, milking barns... You name, we probably have it.

You will see some very interesting woodworking projects here that you could turn into a cottage industry with little effort. Some of our craft ideas here are from days past, but still very current for children of today who need to be enticed from behind their computers for some old-fashioned fun.

We have homemade sleds and sleighs, snow shoes, boats and other toys for kids, along with some practical plans for woodwork for building that special house, barn, or boat.

If you have some woodworking plans of your own for a special woodworking project that you would like to share, feel free to upload a photo and tell us how you went about making it. We love hearing from our readers!

There are some things that you should know about the nature of wood, how it reacts to the different ways in which it is sawed or split and the types of wood needed for the right wood project. We also have other projects for the house on our do-it-yourself-home-improvements page.