Free Knitting Patterns for Knitted Scarves, Hats, Baby's Blankets etc.

We have so many free knitting patterns for you here of every description, even for beginners. From knitted  scarves, hats, toys, dolls clothes, shawls, a tea cosy or two, golf club covers, bed socks .... You will have lots of fun trying out our free patterns as they are easy and simple to follow.

If you don't know how to knit we will show you in our knitting tutorial on how to knit with simple step-by-step knitting instructions to follow. And we also have some help for you with regards to knitting abbreviations.

When using our free knitting patterns, please make sure that you avoid disappointment by making sure that you buy enough wool with the same dye-lot number. There is nothing worse finding out that you have a couple of knitting rows to go and you have run out of wool and there is no more left in the shop.

Also checking your tension first is very important when using patterns for knitting. If your tension is too tight your garment will be a lot smaller than it should be, and if it is too loose then it will be too big.

How to Check your Tension when Knitting

Before you commence knitting, check your tension carefully. Take the wool and needles specified in the pattern and cast on 20 stitches, work20 rows in plain stocking stitch.

Lightly press the work. Check the tension by placing an inch tape across the stitiches, count the exact number of stitches to one inch and compare with the tension given in the instructions.

All knitting tensions using our free knitting patterns are measured over stocking stitch, lightly pressed. If your tension is too loose, try a size smaller set of needles. If the tension is too tight try large size needles.

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