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Eastern Bluebird

When using your free birdhouse plans for bluebirds be careful of predators. Predators of young bluebirds in the nests can include snakes, cats and raccoons.

Non-native and native bird species competing with bluebirds for nesting locations include the Common Starling, American Crow, and House Sparrow, which take over the nesting sites of bluebirds, killing young and smashing eggs and probably killing adult bluebirds too when they get a chance. This is why it is so important to make the entrance holes into nesting boxes and birdhouses only as big as the bird themselves, so as to keep other bird predators out.

Bluebirds eat insects and are partial to grubs. Bluebirds are attracted to platform bird feeders, filled with grubs of the darkling beetle, known as mealworms. Bluebirds will also eat raisins soaked in water. 

Bluebirds are territorial, prefering open grassland with scattered trees and are cavity nesters as are many species of woodpecker.

Below are the 3 designs for the bird houses for bluebirds, but if you need more information on how to put it together, visit our page on building birdhouses which gives you all the details on how to go about it.

free birdhouse plans for bluebirds 1

 Bird House Designs for Bluebirds Design 1

free birdhouse plans for bluebirds 2
Bird House Designs for Bluebirds Design 2

free birdhouse plans for bluebirds 3

Bird House Designs for Bluebirds Design 3

Other Bird house Designs

If you are serious about placing some homemade birdhouses in your garden this spring then we suggest you look at this very informative article on building birdhouses according to the species you want to house. Dimensions are give, along with diagrams of building a basic birdhouse.

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