Fairy Costumes for Homemade Costumes and Fancy Dress Parties

Fairy costumes are always a hit with little girls, and very simple to make.  This homemade costume can be made very quickly with a small amount of material as it is not your usual yards, and yards of tulle or netting sort of fairy dress.

Fairy Costume - The Dress

homemade frost fairy costumeA white bodice and panties are worn beneath a very simple tunic which should  be gathered into a narrow band at the neckline with openings cut into the sides for the arms.

A white lace curtain could be used for this and would be very inexpensive to make, and far cheaper than buying lace for the occasion.

If it is not possible to have a scalloped edging at the bottom of the dress, an uneven edge could be cut into the fabric.

Fairy Costume - The Wings

The fairy wings should be made from the same lace as the dress with a strong millinery wire sewn round the edge to give it shape, and covered with a narrow binding.

To obtain a frosted effect on the dress and wings outline the lace pattern here and there with a colorless adhesive like bostik and then sprinkle glitter over the top.

Fairy Costume - The Headdress

The headdress is simple to make. Take some florist wire and make into a ring, binding with florist tape. The get some daisies from the garden or small roses and even some pretty flowers like Baby's Breath and bind onto the wire using more florist tape. Take some pretty ribbons and tie onto the wire ring and allow to fall down the back of the head from behind. Secure onto the head with hair clips.

Fairy Costume - The Shoes

Ballet shoes are ideal, but if you don't have these, a pair of white shoes and socks will do the trick.

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