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We have easy recipes for the busy housewife yet they are still healthy recipes. I am all for easy cooking. Life is just too short to stand all day and stuff mushrooms! Therefore, the type of cooking I like is without fuss and both, easy as!

So many households have mums who are working and after a long day at the office the last thing she wants to do is slave over a hot stove to feed the hungry hordes.

If you are one of those mums then stick around and read through our easy cooking recipes and see what healthy meals you can cook for your family rather than reaching for the phone for take-aways. Trying out our healthy food alternatives is definitely a better option.

If some of you have been looking for a homemade self-raising flour recipe for your baking, here's one for you:

18 pounds flour
1 tablespoon crushed sugar (crush with rolling pin)
8 ounces cream of tartar
4 ounces carbonate of soda

Sift the above ingredients 3 times. Takes about 30 minutes to put together and makes a very good self-raising flour!

Try some of our family recipes, including recicpes to feed the family dog with our section on dog food recipes! We also have a special section on cupcake decorating ideas for birthday cupcakes and Halloween cupcakes.

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