Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids and Adults

Easter crafts for kids and adults, where you can make these Easter eggs  decorated with cloth, tissue-paper, wire and wax. Make a nun, Humpty Dumpty, Ms Roly Poly and an old fashioned lady and man with these egg crafts instructions.

Egg crafts can go beyond just painting eggs in solid colors or marbelled swirls. These decorated Easter eggs are easy crafts for kids that will allow a child to have lots of fun either making these eggs or playing with them after receiving them.

When using eggs for egg crafts, you will need to empty the eggs of their contents. To do this, make a hole at each end of the egg very carefully with a large needle, such as a darning needle. Now blow through one of the holes and catch the contents in a bowl underneath. To make the job of emptying the egg easier, try and break the yolk inside the egg before blowing.

Easter Crafts  - Easter Egg Dolls

These Easter dolls are rather quaint, and very easy to make for Easter crafts.

As dolls are  not peculiarly appropriate gifts for Easter, one naturally examines them closer, and finds that the faces are simply egg-shells from which the eggs have been blown, leaving the shell perfect.

Little faces are painted upon these shells, and the cunning caps or bonnets are made of tissue-paper.

Easter Crafts  - Choosing the Eggs

To begin with, select several nice large eggs, those of a pinkish yellow are preferable, as they have a more realistic flesh-tint.

These eggs should be blown, or the shells emptied of their contents. To do this make a small hole in each end of the shell, and, taking it gently between the thumb and forefinger, put one hole to the lips; then blow, not too hard, but steadily, until the egg has all run out of the other end.

Easter Crafts - Drawing the Face

easter egg crafts nun doll eggThe face must be painted next, and to those who know nothing of drawing this will seem no easy task, until by carefully observing the following direction they will find that it isin the power of anyone to produce as pretty a face as could be wished for. Among almost any children's book, one can find many pretty faces of a suitable size which can be transferred to the egg in this way.

 Lay a piece of tracing-paper over the head selected, and with a soft leadpencil trace carefully all the lines indicating the features. Then place the paper on the shell so that the pencilmarks are next to it, and with a hard pencil, or ivory knitting-needle, go over the lines again, thus transferring the soft pencil-marks to the shell.

Touch up and strengthen the features with a fine paint-brush and india-ink. Anyone understanding painting may color the face in natural tints, but it looks very nicely done merely in outline.

Easter Crafts  - Stablizing the Egg Dolls

The simplest arrangement for holding the little head erect is a small pasteboard box turned upside down, and having a hole cut in the bottom just large enough to admit the small end of the shell; this will support the head nicely, and also form the shoulders.

Easter Crafts  - Decorating the Egg Dolls

Make the hair of raw cotton blackened with ink, and easter egg crafts doll eggsfasten it on the head with mucilage. When all of the foregoing directions have been carried out it is time to attend to the headdresses, and we will begin with the quaint and old-fashioned poke-bonnet.

Cut this bonnet from ordinary brown wrapping-paper after the pattern shown in diagram; sew together the ends of the " side of crown," then sew the curved side (which is cut in slits as shown in pattern, and folded back as indicated by dotted line) to the smallest part of brim; fold in the strips marked on the straight "side of crown" and fasten on the " top of crown" with mucilage.

male egg dollThe trimming for the bonnet consists of a fold and bow of colored tissue paper.

Make the man's hat of shiny black paper by the pattern in diagram, and fasten together in the same manner as the bonnet, rolling the sides of the brim when finished. Black and white tissue-paper folded to fit the head, as shown by the dotted lines in the pattern, forms the head-dress of the nun.

By copying the headdresses of different nations, an odd and curious assembly of these Easter-egg dolls can be formed for your Easter crafts; but that must be worked out at some future time, for we have yet to tell how to construct some Easter toys that cannot be found in any store.

pattern for egg dol'ls clothing

Easter Crafts  - Humpty Dumpty Egg Doll

The Humpty Durnpty who " sat on a wall," and the " Humpty Dumpty " who " had a great fall," must have been like the one I am about to describe, made of an egg ; for it is pretty certain that if he should fall, "all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put" this " Humpty Dumpty together again" any more than they could the other.

humpty dumpty easter egg crafts

The diagram shows the frame of this little fellow and how it is joined together. A large egg should be chosen; and when the contents have been blown from the shell, four holes must be pricked in it for the arms and legs to pass through, as shown in the diagram. These limbs are made of rather fine bonnet wire, the piece used for the arms being about eight inches long.

The hand is made by bending up one end of the wire as in diagram, and with softened beeswax covering the loop thus formed.

When one hand has been finished off in this way, the other end of the wire, still straight, should be passed through one of the holes near the small end of the shell and out through the one opposite, then bent up into a hand and arm in the same manner as described.

humpty dumpty egg dollThe wire for the legs and feet must be ten inches long. The diagram shows how it is bent to form the feet. On this frame, wax can easily be modelled to look like a foot; a coating of red paint will add to the appearance, as red boots look well with the costume to be worn. The wire for the legs should be bent in a curve in the middle (see diagram) before it is passed through the shell. Again, as with the hands, one foot must be finished and the legs fastened on before the other foot can be made.

The figure of Humpty Dumpty being thus prepared, his face must be painted; water-colors are the best for this purpose. The jollier the expression of his face, the funnier the little man will look.

Patterns for trousers, jacket, and hat are shown in the diagrams. The trousers should be cut from white cotton cloth two and a half inches long and six inches wide. A slit an inch and a half long, cut in the middle, separates the legs of the trousers, which must, of course, be sewed up. Dotted lines at top and bottom show where a gathering thread should be run, the bottom gathers forming ruffles around the ankles. White should also be used for the jacket, cutting it three and a half inches long and five inches wide.

The shape of the jacket may be seen in the diagram, dotted lines showing where the sleeves are to be gathered around the wrist. Collar and pockets of red the patterns of which are given finish the little garment. A white hat four inches around the brim and two inches high is decorated with a band of red, which should be sewed on the edge and turned up.

When dressing Humpty Dumpty for your Easter crafts, fasten his garments on to his body here and there with glue, which will hold them securely in place. The hat also should be glued to his head, as it is difficult otherwise to keep it on.

Easter Crafts  - Miss Roly Poly Egg Doll

miss roly poly egg dollLittle Miss Roily-poly, who decidedly refuses to lie down, always regaining an upright posture, no matter in what position she is placed, is made in the following manner:

After the contents have been blown from the shell, the hole of the small end is enlarged gradually until it is about a half-inch in diameter; the shell is then placed in an upright position (a box with a hole cut in it just large enough to hold the egg firmly makes a good stand) and melted sealing-wax is poured in; on top of this melted lead is poured, all the while care being taken to keep the shell perfectly steady, that the weight may fall exactly in the centre and make a perfect balance. A small quantity of lead is sufficient for the purpose of your Easter crafts, as the shell is so very light.

Miss Roly-poly requires no limbs; when her babyish face is painted she is ready for her costume. The dress is simply made of a strip of colored cloth, and is two inches long and seven inches wide. The white apron is fastened to the dress as shown in the diagram. Sleeves are made of pieces of the dress material about one inch long and one and a half inch wide. They are rolled up and fastened with needle and thread, then sewed on to the dress in the position shown in the diagram.

easter egg crafts roly poly egg doll

Pockets are made for the apron, and the ends of the sleeves tucked in them, which makes it appear as though the hands were hidden in the pockets. The cap, made of the same material, or of a color harmonizing with the dress, is four inches round the brim and one inch high;  it is sewed together at the two ends, and gathered into a pompon on top, as is shown by the dotted lines in the diagram. A little glue should also be used to fasten this dolly's dress and cap on.

Easter Crafts  - Egg Mandolin

For your next Easter crafts a pretty little toy mandolin is made of the lengthwise half of an egg-shell. To separate the shell in this way it is necessary to pierce holes with a needle along the line where the division is to be made, which will cause it to break evenly ; or the egg may be boiled hard and then cut in half with a very sharp knife.

mandolin made from egg shells

It is cut from stiff paper, and the strings drawn with pen and ink; then the shell is fastened to it on the opposite side by pasting a narrow strip of white tissue paper over the edges of the shell and frame, joining them together. The top of the handle is bent down a little and a narrow ribbon tied to it. To make the mandolin still more complete,
paint the handle mahogany color, with a fine needle stitch on strings of yellow silk, and paint the egg-shell into pumpkin-like divisions of yellow and mahogany.

Easter Crafts  - The Owl

To turn a hen's egg into an owl has not before, I imagine, been thought possible; yet it is easy enough, and in this Easter crafts section requires but a very short time to accomplish the transformation, when one knows just how to go to work.

easter egg crafts owl

No incubator is needed to hatch this bird, as only the shell is used, the contents having been disposed of in the manner before described.

We start the formation of the little owl by making two holes near the large end of the shell in the position shown in diagram above.

easter egg crafts owl completeBy looking at the next diagram the manner of making the feet and legs may be seen. A short piece of wire is bent in the shape given, and is wrapped on to a longer wire with strong thread, thus forming three toes, which are quite enough for a bird that will never walk. One foot made, the wire is passecj through the shell, having first been bent into a curve, as in the description of Humpty Dumpty.

When the last foot has been fastened on, the wire should be pushed back into the shell, allowing but little of the legs to show. The wings are cut by the pattern given, and are painted to resemble feathers as much as possible. Brown is the best color to use. By the diagram may be seen how the head and body are painted.

Easter Crafts - Maple-Wax Eggs

Empty the eggshell of its contents and open a place at the small end the size of a silver dime. Stand it in an upright position with the largest opening on top, and leave it while you prepare the maple-wax, or candy. Mix enough water with some maple sugar to dissolve it, and set on the stove to cook; when it will harden in cold water it is done.

Carefully fill the eggshell with the hot maple-wax, and keeping it in an upright position, set it on the ice to cool. When the wax is perfectly cold and hard, paste an artificial daisy over the opening in the shell.

Maple-wax is the nicest kind of candy, and done up in this way will remain firm and hard for a long while ; and therefore these maple-wax eggs make excellent Easter gifts to send away to one's friend at a distance.

The best way to pack them is to wrap them in cotton and then put them in a tin bakingpowder box, filling up the interstices with cotton to keep them from knocking about.

The box, of course, must be wrapped in paper and tied securely with a string. Packed like this, they may travel safely.

Easter Crafts Homemade Recipe for Maple Wax

Boil two cups of maple syrup till it hardens when dropped in cold water.

Fill a large pan with fresh snow, pack well; keep the kettle on the back of the stove, where the syrup will be just warm, but will not cook, and fill a small pitcher with it, and pour on the snow, a little at a time.

Take it off in small pieces with a fork.

If there is no snow, use a cake of ice.

Easter Crafts -Bonbon Box

Select a box two or three inches high a round one is best which has a lid that covers the entire box. Cut some straw or hay in pieces long enough to reach from the top to the edge, and glue it on the sides of the lid, covering them completely.

Prepare as many halves of egg-shells as will cover the top, allowing a space one inch wide around the edge. Glue the shells down, and fill up the spaces between with straw.

Near the edge, on the opposite sides, glue a loop of narrow white ribbon; these loops are to lift it with. Then glue straw on all the uncovered parts of the lid, making it a little thicker and higher at the edges. When the box is finished it resembles a nest of
eggs, and makes an appropriate and acceptable Easter gift.

If you have any Easter Crafts of your own that you would like to share with us, please feel free.

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