Free Kennel and Dog House Plans

Our free dog house plans show ideas for dog houses that will give your dog a comfortable place to stay, out of the sleet, rain, snow and hot sun, and keep him healthy for longer. If a dog is not well treated it may well take up with bad behaviour such as prowling the neighbourhood, marauding and sheep killing if not given a good kennel to sleep in.

The conduct and attitude of a roughly used, half starved dog, is entirely different from that of a well fed, and decently kept dog, and every one who keeps a dog, should certainly take pains to treat him well, and thoroughly train him.

A dog house of some kind should be provided, which the animal will recognize as his home, and the more comfortable this is made, the more content he will be, not to mention the fact that he will be more free from disease and other parasites if he doesn't have to sleep rough.

Dog House Plans for Kennel 7 feet x 3.6 feet

dog house plansThe kennel shown here, is seven feet long, by three feet six inches wide, and has two doors, one opening inward, and one outward.

The latter door is provided with a bell, by which the owner can tell when the dog goes out at night.

In summer one door may be used for ventilation, but in the winter both should be let down.

The manner of making a very neat kennel is shown. The bottom is two feet six inches by four feet, and from this to the top of the roof it is three feet nine inches. The door has an arched top and should be of any size from eight by twelve inches, up to twelve by twenty-two inches, to suit the size of the dog. It is painted light brown, with the corners, base, and window planks painted darker. Brackets may be placed beneath the cornice molding.

Dog House Plans for a Cheap Kennel

cheap dog house plansA cheap and equally serviceable dog house is shown to the right.  It has a floor the  same size as the dog house above. It is three feet four inches high in front, and the roof has a fall of eight inches.

A cheaper kennel can be made by taking a square box, three by four feet, and cutting a door in one end. During winter, if the kennel be in an exposed situation, tack a piece of heavy carpeting over the door on the inside, so that it will cover the entire doorway. Where several dogs are kept, a roomy kennel and yard should be provided, in which to confine them.

Dog House Plans for a  Kennel and Exercise Yard

A dog yard with kennel is shown below. It is roomy, so as to admit of exercise, well shaded, and furnished with water, and a sleeping house. A water tank is indispensable, and generally there should be a place for bathing.

homemade dog house and exercise yard

Concrete Kennel Plans

exterior of homemade concrete kennel

Okay, not your woodworking project, but I thought I would throw this one in here anyway. This is a concrete kennel that has been built for a large dog.

The dimensions and the manner of making the forms for the concrete, and the location for the bolts to hold the plate and rafters, are shown in the diagram.

concrete kennel plans

Dog House Plans for a Concrete Kennel

Free Dog House Plans - Dimensions and Blueprint

A full blueprint for a dog house that includes 3 variations.

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