Do it Yourself Home Improvements, Projects and Plans - Homemade and Handmade

Do it yourself home improvements for both beginners and the experienced.  Here you can find DIY plans and instructions for all sorts of interesting things to make; smokehouses and other brickwork, home improvement projects and even things to build in your garden. For those of you looking for woodworking projects, see our page on free woodworking plans.

Do it yourself projects is big business these days as people are more frugal and are wanting to make things themselves, rather then getting the same price at double the cost that someone else has made. There is no need for you to pay through the nose for anything that you could quite easily make yourself with a little bit of study, dedication and perseverance.

I remember when we first got married we didn't have a lot of money in those days, and to save money my husband made a bed, some side tables and a coffee table out of chipboard.  He then knocked it all together with wood glue and nails, and then spent many hours painting and rubbing back the furniture to get the finish he wanted. With regards to the coffee table, he bought two strips of brass beading, set them into the table on the corner at 90 degree angles to one another so that they crossed in the top left hand side and at the top. Many people loved our table and wanted to know where they too could get one from.

They also liked our rather unusual TV which was spray-painted cream to match the coffee table. The reason why it had been spray-painted as it had an ugly brown faux-wood surround - we are talking nearly 30 years ago! - and so we decided to paint it. It was amazing the difference and do it yourself home improvements can easily be done on a shoestring.

Going back to our friends liking our coffee table that they wanted one just like it shows you how successful cottage industries get started if you have the time and inclination. Unfortunately my husband was busy studying for his degree and didn't have any time for more DIY projects, but had he had the time, who knows where it may have led us!

We hope that you will visit many times to see what we have added to our new pages so that you don't miss out on the latest of our home improvement projects and our do it yourself projects.

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