Craft Ideas for Homemade Arts and Craft Projects and Nature Crafts

Craft ideas for homemade crafts for those who like to make something from nothing. Whether you work with paper, leather, wood, beads, soap, wax, or like creating nature crafts, we have something here for everyone!

All our homemade information is free, and can be downloaded and kept for later use.

We have tried to keep our craft projects as easy as possible as it really is not necessary to over complicate things.

Don't forget too, to have a look at our how to video section. For every section of our  ideas section we have searched the Internet for instructional videos for you to watch on a particular craft you are interested in and see just how various craft projects are made.

Have fun and hopefully you will visit us regularly to see what new crafts we have for you since your last visit.

If you have something of your own that you have made, and wish to share, please upload a picture below and tell us how you went about making it. We love hearing from our readers!

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Make a Homemade String Hammock

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  • Tapestry Work
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  • Spool Knitting
  • Folk Art
  • Spinning
  • Pottery
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For those of you still looking for that special craft what about paper crafts? Visit 

Tongs Paper Cutting.

Here is some more fun and easy paper-cutting crafts for kids. A resource site for parents, preschool and elementary school teachers to do paper crafts with children. Lots of free patterns for you to enjoy.