Champagne Cocktails with Recipes and Instructions

Champagne cocktails makes one think of romance and pearls, diamonds and luxury. Have a little romance and luxury in your life with our champagne cocktail recipes.

You will find that they are easy to throw together and are great to make for that special occasion of celebration.


Serve off the Ice very cold. Ice should never be put in the Wine.


1 teaspoonful Castor Sugar in large Bar glass

1 slice Lemon Peel

1 slice Orange Peel

Fill glass ½ full Shaved Ice and fill up with Champagne. Decorate with Fruit and serve with Straws.


1 lump Sugar in tall, thin glass

1 small piece Ice

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

1 piece twisted Lemon Peel

Fill up with Champagne

Stir and serve.


Place a bottle in a Champagne cooler and around it a freezing mixture of fine Ice and Salt. Twirl the bottle until it is about to freeze, when it will be ready to serve.


Fill medium size Shell glass ⅓ full Cracked Ice

2 teaspoonfuls Castor Sugar

2 sprigs bruised Mint

Pour Champagne slowly into the glass, stirring gently at the same time

Dress with fruit; dash with Brandy and serve with Straws.


Fill medium Bar glass ⅓ full Shaved Ice

3 dashes Lemon Juice

Fill up with Champagne

Stir gently; dress with Fruit and Berries; dash with Brandy and serve with Straws.


Fill Goblet ½ full ice-cold Champagne. Fill up balance of Goblet with ice-cold Porter. Stir and serve.

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