Free Aran Knitting Patterns - Ladies Cable Sweater, Baby's Hoodie, Cardigan, Tote

Free Aran knitting patterns for adults and babies. The Aran style stitch is not as complicated as you think and the end result are beautiful, thick sweaters that will keep you warm in the coldest of weathers.

Aran sweaters really knit up beautifully, especially if they are knitted using the traditional cream as a color. I love knitting Aran sweaters. I find them challenging, but well worth the effort. It is not difficult to knit using the cable needles necessary in the Aran-style stitch, but it does need a little bit of concentration.

We have a number of free Aran knitting patterns for you to choose from. The first one here is an Aran sweater for  women that is very pretty. We also have free knitting patterns for babies, toddles and for those of you who would like to knit yourself a very stylish tote bag for casual summer days.

We have a number of  easy and free knitting patterns which we are updating all the time, so please check back with us regularly to see what you might have missed.

Aran Knitting Pattern for a Sweater for Women

Free cable knitting pattern for woman's sweater.

If you are a more advanced cable knitter then this is the pattern for you. Although it looks like a sweater it is in fact a cardigan with the buttons on the far side of the garments, which allows the cable pattern to be shown uninterupted. 

Here are some more free Aran knitting patterns for you to enjoy.

Free cable knitting pattern for a toddler's hoodie.

This hoodie is perfect for the beginner cable knitter as most of the garment is in stocking stitch with only the edging to the hood and jersey in cable. Give it a go!

Free Cable Hoodie for Toddler

Knitted tote bag pattern
If you have a university student in the family, then this is the perfect gift. This knitted tote is also great for those trips to the beach where you can pack your towel, costume, sunscreen and a bottle of water and you have everything you need in one place.

Free Cable Pattern for a Tote Bag

 Free knitting patterns for babies
Cables are not just for adults, but look lovely on baby items too. This lovely little cable cardigan won't take too long tomake if you are an advanced knitter, and a little longer if you are not. However, this cable stitch is not difficult to follow, no matter what sort of knitter you are.
Baby Knits Free Knitting Patterns

Video on How to do the Cable Stitches