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Easy Absinthe recipes. Absinthe is a spirit, not a liqueur and is green in color, although you can also get a colorless version. Absinthe is a highly alcoholic, anise-flavored drink that is made from herbs and flowers and known as the Green Fairy as it was believed that a green fairy lived in the absinthe.

Banned in several countries throughout Europe and elsewhere in the early 1900s as it was said to be a highly addictive psychoactive drug that was said to be a mind-bending liquid that had a similar effect on the body alike to today's magic mushrooms! However, by the late 1900s in the 1990s absinthe was allowed back on the shelves.

steps showing how to prepare absinthe

4 Steps to Preparing Absinthe for your Absinthe Recipes
  1. Fill the reservoir of the glass with absinthe (or about 1/3 to 1/5 absinthe of the volume).
  2. Place an absinthe spoon and a sugar cube on top of the glass.
  3. Slowly drip ice water through the sugar until it dissolves completely. A green line will form at the top. As this line forms it is common to sample the absinthe by drinking off this green line to get the full impact of the absinthe's qualities before the drink is fully diluted.
  4. The drink louches (turns white; this is due to the oils being soluble in alcohol but not in water) and new flavors come out.
Pictures and 4 steps courtesy of Eric Litton


Mixing glass full Shaved Ice

4 dashes Gum Syrup

2 tablespoons  Absinthe

Shake until outside of shaker is well frosted; strain into large Champagne glass and serve.


Mixing glass full Shaved Ice

1 tablespoons Water

1 tablespoons Absinthe

2 dashes Angostura Bitters

1 teaspoonful Benedictine

Stir; strain into Cocktail glass and serve


Fill medium Bar glass full of Shaved Ice

1 teaspoonful Benedictine

2 tablespoons Absinthe

Shake until outside of Shaker has frosty appearance; strain into six-ounce Shell glass and serve.


Pour 2 tablespoons of Absinthe into a Champagne glass which is standing in a bowl. Fill the bowl of your Absinthe glass with Shaved Ice and water. Raise the bowl and let the Ice Water drip into the Absinthe until the proper color is obtained. Serve in thin Bar glass.


2 tablespoons of Absinthe in a large Bar glass

3 pieces Cracked Ice

3 dashes Maraschino

1 tablespoon Anisette

Pour Ice Water in glass, at same time stirring gently with Bar Spoon. Serve.

A video on the Legend of Absinthe; the Green Fairy, The Green Witch, The Green Devil


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