About Us at www.all-homemade.com

What about us? Well www.all-homemade.com is just that. It is a site for people who like to make something from nothing, making something from scratch and taking pride in their craft projects no matter what they have made.

We love to make handicrafts of all descriptions, and also love things from days gone by. As a result, and after looking through lots of old books, we realized that there are a lot of craft ideas, as well as old crafts that we shouldn't forget about, that we can revive and continue to make.

As a result, this website was born. This is not our first website, we have 2 more, as it is our intention to go full-time farming in 2012 and therefore having our websites through SBI would allow us to have a steady income and how to make money from home.

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We will only link back to sites that have something to do with making things from scratch, being homemade and handmade. No adult content websites will be considered.

All Homemade - A Window into the Past! One of the best craft websites for craft ideas, Halloween costumes, free house plans, easy recipes, woodworking plans, free patterns, natural home remedies and everything else homemade!
We hope that you will continue to visit us, and see what else we have added to the website as it grows.

Let's go back and have a look at all those craft ideas we have for you.